15.04.Vinyasa Yoga & Writing
Morning Practice

22.04. Yin Yoga & Writing
Morning Practice

06.05. Vinyasa Yoga & Writing
Morning Practice

20.05. Yin Yoga & Writing
Morning Practice





WOW & FANCE offers classes and workshops that focus on a somatic and mindful approach to writing as well as the holistic creational process itself. Our aim is to support writers and other creatives to find the expression that feels genuine to them as we believe that this is the entry point for valuable and responsible contributions to the world.




Creative Practice beyond Self 

»Somewhere we’ve developed the misconception that poetry is self-expression (...) Actually, poetry has nothing to do with self-expression; it is a way to be free, finally, of self-expression, to go much deeper than that.« (Norman Fischer, »Experience«)

A monthly workshop with Saskia Nitsche

Most of us follow a strong intellectual approach to back up their projects, but quite a few discover on their path that there is a second part to the creational process, which can neither be described nor controlled. We often experience it as ‘something’ that is either there or not. Therefore it is nothing that can be created deliberately. If we try to describe it as a state, its qualities would be open and receiving, so that impulses can come through us. While we cannot ‘make’ impulses come, we can focus on being the space that allows them to come.

Together we explore various techniques to be best prepared to receive and implement a deeply satisfying practice. The focus will be on connecting with our creational energy, cleansing our organism on all levels, physically, emotionally and energetically, clearing blockages and becoming more permeable to what wants to come through.

This meeting is not only open for writers, but for all who want to enrich and evolve the creative aspects of their life. 

Next date: 19 June, 10 a.m. – noon

If you want to join, please send us an e-mail: or book here.

Please register in time, we will prepare ourselves physically for this workshop a few days before.

This meeting takes place in English or German or both, depending on the composition of the group. We will meet on Zoom.