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WOW & FANCE is a workshop program that focuses on the artistic practice of the writer and the holistic creational process itself. In our workshops and teachings we combine skills of the writing discipline with somatic aspects and techniques of old wisdom teachings. Some of our offerings focus more on the first aspect while some are mainly dedicated to the latter. Our aim is to support writers and other creatives to find the expression that feels genuine to them as we believe that this is the entry point for valuable and responsible contributions to the world.



WOW & FANCE was founded in 2021 by Saskia Nitsche, a Berlin based writer. After meeting more and more writers who shared her interest in merging their writing practice with a more body focused approach and innervate it through the practice of meditation, yoga and other techniques that originate from the dedication to old wisdom teachings she created a workshop program that hopefully will not only serve those who are in search for development in these areas, but also encourage the connection between similarly minded writers and creatives.



Saskia Nitsche
— founder of WOW & FANCE, curator and host of workshops

Saskia is a Berlin based writer as well as a dedicated practitioner of yoga, meditation and other mindfulness techniques, teaching in various art schools in the fields of literary writing and design. With her workshops and classes she creates a space where the daily practice of the writer meets yoga, somatics and mindfulness. Her aim is to guide the participants back to that still place in them from where everything unfolds with ease. Having a silent mind and being grounded in the body then allows a genuine expression to arise. (read more about Saskia)

Jelena Carolina Kern
— workshop host

Jelena works and lives in Berlin. She studied literary writing in Hildesheim and at HKB Bern. In her artistic work she focusses on human experiences of collectivism and individualism and the body as an archive. She’s a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and a dancer/somatic bodyworker.

* Fotocredits: Saskia Nitsche - Foto: Daniel Nartschick, Jelena Kern - Foto: Jelena Kern