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WOW & FANCE is a workshop program that focuses on the artistic practice of the writer and the holistic creational process itself. In our workshops and teachings we combine skills of the writing discipline with somatic aspects and techniques of old wisdom teachings. Some of our offerings focus more on the first aspect while some are mainly dedicated to the latter. Our aim is to support writers and other creatives to find the expression that feels genuine to them as we believe that this is the entry point for valuable and responsible contributions to the world.


Speaking about Shame 

»A toxically shamed person is divided within himself*herself and must create a false-self cover-up to hide his*her sense of being flawed and defective. You cannot offer yourself to another person if you do not know what you really are.«

– John Bradshaw: Healing the shame that binds you

*or be of service to the world through your unique expression

Touching upon this topic in our other formats revealed the incredible potential of healing shame in the context of our work as writers and creatives. Sharing about this topic dissolves it as it comes out of hiding into the light. As the hiding serves the core of the shame, it’s not able to exist any longer, when shared with others.

This is a 30-minute meeting. We meet on Tuesdays at 09.30 h CEST. After a short input on the topic we share openly and from our direct experience, beginning in the here and now.

The meetings take place via Zoom.

You are invited to stay afterward for our Weekly Writing format, where we work on our literary projects in a shared space until 01.00 p.m.

You can join us at any time.
Please e-mail us to or book here.

A format with Saskia Nitsche